IELTS Training: Advanced

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IELTS Training: Advanced

  • This course is designed for students who want to take the IELTS Academic exam.
  • It is designed for students with a current IELTS Academic exam level of 6.0 who want to obtain a higher score.
  • This course covers the 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.
  • This IELTS training course can be used across a range of devices (mobile and computer), allowing for seamless study anywhere anytime.



This course covers the 4 skills required for the IELTS Academic exam: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.
There are a total of 60 lessons (15 lessons for each skill).

IELTS Listening & Reading

  • 30 lessons at covering Academic IELTS Listening and Reading
  • Language focus sections to increase knowledge of IELTS-related vocabulary
  • Structured listening and reading practice with all IELTS-related question types
  • Animated tutorials and skill summaries to help learners understand the exam format and develop their test-taking strategies
  • Built in review of test-taking strategies to maximize practice and build confidence


IELTS Skill Areas for Listening and Reading:

  • Working with tables and flow charts; Scanning and Skimming; Identifying main ideas; Understanding opinion; Interpreting numbers and data; Following an argument; Prediction; Identifying feelings and attitudes


IELTS Speaking

  • 15 lessons covering Academic IELTS Speaking
  • Unscripted, realistic IELTS Speaking interviews with non-native speakers as core input
  • Short lectures that focus on the key sections of the speaking exam
  • Focused practice sections for pronunciation with record and play back functionality
  • Speaking tasks with record and play back functionality, and full annotated model answers for comparison


Skill Areas for Speaking:

  • Giving opinions, reasons and examples; Signposting; Dealing with complex questions; Clarifying; Avoiding repetition; Correcting a mistake; Giving yourself time to think; Preparing a talk; Agreeing and disagreeing; Generalizing


IELTS Writing

  • 15 lessons covering Academic IELTS Writing
  • Animated tutorials and skill summaries to help learners understand the exam format and task-types for writing
  • Language focus sections to increase knowledge of IELTS-related vocabulary, and grammatical structures that will improve both range and accuracy
  • Structured writing skills practice sections that ensure students know how to meet the criteria of the tasks, and help them produce clear and coherent pieces of writing
  • Clear writing models, with explanations included in every lesson as part of skills practice, or the testing cycle


Skill Areas for Writing:

  • Organizing ideas; Structuring writing (Introductions, Overviews, Main Paragraphs); Sentence structure; Showing contrast; Linking information; Avoiding repetition; Checking your work



Students are required to pass 60 lessons to complete this course. Listening and Reading lessons have built-in short tests. For Speaking and Writing, students are presented with model answers to check themselves. Tutors are not provided to correct writing and speaking.

What will I learn?

Students will improve their IELTS exams skills, including all 4 language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing), test-taking strategies and vocabulary.



About Us
Reallyenglish offers digital English language learning resources accessible on mobile devices and computers. Since 2002, we have been working with educators worldwide to teach English more efficiently and achieve better results. We have an exceptional track record for course completion, student satisfaction and standardized test results. We service a wide range of clients around the globe from the private, corporate, education and government sectors and have helped more than 2 million learners in over 40 countries.

Why us?
Reallyenglish has a strong track record of improving learners’ English proficiency with great efficiency. Our mobile app is easy to use, the content is top quality, and our support is fast and friendly.

Accreditation/ Recognition
Reallyenglish has been nominated for two ELTons awards and has helped more than 2 million learners in 50 countries improve their English.


Entry requirements

  • This course is for students of B2 level (IELTS 6.0) or higher.


Start Dates
Any time

Course duration- (Fixed/ Self-paced)
16 weeks

Mode of learning
Online and/or mobile app

What do I need? (Time/ Tech/English skills)
Students should plan to spend about 3 hours a week to pass the course.

Pricing: Free/ Paid

Scholarships/ Special offers (if any)

Tutor Support

  • Students are assigned a personal coach. The coach will email them once a week until they pass the course.
  • Students can email the coach questions they have about the course or learning English.

Note: students should not expect the coach to correct their writing.


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