The EdVantage SpeakSmart program is a Online language learning mini-academy focussed on making language learning fun across all age groups and levels.

Learn a new language, polish you existing language skills, or develop conversation skills.From Basic, Intermediate or Advanced training modules you can avail of Online coaching to master your language skills

We match your needs to a qualified, experienced and expert tutor or native language speaker that is ideal for our needs. All of our tutors are vetted, trained and experienced in Online tutoring. You will be provided with all the details about our tutor so you can get to know their credentials and capabilities and be rest assured that you will be getting nothing but the best! 

Experience the EdVantage SpeakSmart Difference

Every language learner has different needs, ability to pick up a language, memorize words and so there is no one -size fits all solution to language learning problems. Our Language learning system brings in a personalized approach, customized road map, and interactive learning that will give you immense confidence and amazing results. 

EdVantage SpeakSmart program treats each language learner like a unique individual and your language learning plan is a unique project. We know that every child, teenager, and adult has different learning styles and preferences.The comfort level and need for individual attention or preference to study in a small group and interact with other students and share knowledge will define what type of program you want to choose

Whether you are an individual or corporate professional looking to learn a language choose EdVantage SpeakSmart for Online tutoring today and get the best possible learning resources and instructions that will guarantee you success! 

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